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The below listed individuals have sponsored the monthly hosting fees for the Australian Cattle Dog Pedigree Finder over the past few years. If you see them at a show or trial, please take the time to thank them for their contribution!

2016 Sponsors:

  • Carol Delsman - January
  • Patti Salladay - February
  • Connie Hayes - March
  • Connie Hayes - April
  • Amy Turner - May
  • Dawn Glover - June
  • Carol Delsman - July
  • Marcia Malcomb - August
  • Carol Delsman - September
  • Karen Cox - October
  • Lori Graham - November
  • Lorraine Norris - December
Sponsors in years past:

Ingrid Rosenquist, Lexi Kurowski, Denyse Adams, Rebecca Elder,  Jennifer Ayres, Gwen Shepperson, Sandra Ball, Karen Cox, Lee Kephart, Kim Broster,  Central Pennsylvania ACD Club, Lorrie Hilt, Marcia Malcomb, John Cone, Sherry MacLennan, Monica Shifflet,  Tamara Kasser, Mark & Mary Philpott, Carrie Griffith, Patti Salladay, Connie Hayes, Amy Turner,  Dawn Glover, Carol Delsman,  Marcia Malcomb, Karen Cox, Lori Graham, Lorraine Norris